Meat flowers? Learn how to style your food with Babe and Butcher

Babe and Butcher offer a fun way to make mealtime fun with salami roses.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QC Life) - Spruce up your meat this National Eat Outside Day with Babe and Butcher! The company is a charcuterie shop located in Charlotte.

Babe and Butcher create food boards chock-full of fruits and vegetables, individual boxes and build your own. The company offers catering events and grazing tables for any occasion.

Babe and Butcher offer a fun way to make mealtime fun, such as the salami roses. These artistic treats are all the rage on Tik Tok and Instagram. Simply grab thinly cut salami and a wine or champagne glass. Tuck the salami onto the glass, and layer it over the other pieces. Place them upside down on a board. Turn the glass and twist it off and you’re done.

You can order or learn more about Babe and Butcher at Custom Grazing Tables & Events – Babe & Butcher (

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